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    The project Blooming–The Saga, navigates into the intersection of choreography, dramaturgy, and curatorial practice, with a specific approach to critical theory. It is a large-scale project that takes the structure of a saga. Blooming focuses on science fiction, dreams, queerness, counter-hegemonic practices, and their potential to produce and manifest alternative realities. The project takes camp and kitsch and collapses the spiritual and the theatrical under the notion of the ritual. 

  2. With the support of DAS Theatre, Teatro Pradillo, L'Estruch, Azala, L'animal a l'esquena, Becas de Residencia en el Extranjero Comunidad de Madrid, AFK 3 Package Deal and the dance coallition–Frascati, ICK, SNDO, Bijlmer Park Theatre–.

    Image by Juliette Lizotte aka jujul0v3