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    The project Blooming–The Saga, navigates into the intersection of choreography, dramaturgy, and curatorial practice, with a specific approach to critical theory. It is a large-scale project that takes the structure of a saga. Blooming focuses on science fiction, mythology, dreams, technology, queerness, counter-hegemonic practices, and their potential to produce and manifest alternative realities. 

  2. With the support of DAS Theatre, Teatro Pradillo, L'Estruch, Azala, L'animal a l'esquena, Becas de Residencia en el Extranjero Comunidad de Madrid, AFK 3 Package Deal and the dance coallition–Frascati, ICK, SNDO, Bijlmer Park Theatre–; SPRING Festival, Antic Teatre, O Espaço do Tempo, AFK, NORMA, Stimulerings Digital Culture, Erik Impuls, YAA, FPK.

    Image by Juliette Lizotte aka jujul0v3