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    Blooming–The Saga is an artistic research project which deeps into science fiction and its potential to produce and manifest alternative realities. Blooming–The Saga explores counter–hegemonic ancient women practices –focusing on witchcraft and spiritism–, and our ways to convocate horizons to come. Such practices open the possibilities to organize collectively and achieve emancipation strategies. This project navigates into the intersection of choreography, dramaturgy and the curatorial, a practice based research with a specific approach on critical theory. It is a large- scale project that takes the structure of a saga.

    Blooming–The Saga operates in the contradiction of a research on ancient female practices as witchcraft, with the language and techniques inherited from mainstream and pop culture. I position myself inside the entanglement, bewitched by mainstream and pop aesthetics, wanting to break with the spell from inside by recuperating and approaching other cosmologies and imaginations. At the same time, using the pop vocabulary as a common ground of our generation, as a communication channel, invoking those imaginaries to think and enact in our rituals and encounters. The project takes camp and kitsch aesthetics, and collapse the spiritual and the theatrical under the notion of the ritual. 

    CHAPTER 1. The Torch, The Key and The Snake

    A ritual conducted by nx3, that wants to lead us to the saga's world. A ritual against the domination of the norm and for the communion of the weirds.

    We call you, Hecate. We call on you now, maiden, in your unbounded potential. We call on you, mother, in all your divine power. We call on you, crone, in your arcane wisdom. We are descended of all maidens, mothers, and crones. And so, when we call on the three-in-one, we call on all witches stretching back from the beginning of time to the end of days. We call on ourselves, the powers that have been denied us. Imbue us with them, Hecate, and we shall pray to you morning, noon, and night. And we shall live to honor thy three faces, thy three forms. Dark mother, keeper of the key to the door between worlds, we summon thee. 

  2. With the support of DAS Theatre, Teatro Pradillo, L'Estruch, Azala, L'animal a l'esquena, Becas de residencia en el extranjero Comunidad de Madrid