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    SORBITO is a curatorial gesture that connects the pieces of a festival through a sensorial experience. Potions elaborated after several conversations with each artist of the context in relation to their proposals, which the public will take during the pieces, attending to the sensitivity in each encounter.

    SORBITO proposes to listen to the bodily processes of smelling, ingesting, tasting and digesting while attending a performance. It is a collaboration with medicinal herbs that imagines the meeting of human cell membranes and plant cell walls to co-perform a process of exchange. Each potion adopts a format, a specific materiality: chewing gum, candy, facial mask, oil, wafer, inhaler, drink or infusion; and contains an herb with specific properties designed in relation to the piece it accompanies. SORBITO learns from herbology and pre-modern healing traditions, resituating these practices in contemporary times.

    I prepared sorbitos for: Carolina Bianchi, Venuri Perera, Ebana Garín, Claudio Ritfeld, Agat Sharma, Veza María Fernandez, YESSI PERSE, Kareth Schaffer,Sofía Asencio, Javi Cruz and Esmeralda Colette.

    Sorbito identity design with Andrea Gonzalez


    Door Creative Studio. Zaandam 2021

    Me Gustas Pixelad_2022 curated by Matias Daporta

    Si no vols pols no vinguis a l'era 2022. Espai Nyamnyam

    Batard Festival 2023. Beursschouwburg. Brussels