Construido con

  1. El cielo era más claro en aquellos días by Rosa Casado & Mike Brookes

    Performer & stage manager

    Through the gradual dismantling of a car, and considering human activity as a 'force of nature', an extraordinary and explosive force, every night we will reflect on different aspects of the planetary and cosmic dynamics of which we are all a part: from how our activity generates a constant cloud of small particles that rises densely towards the sky and moves through the air around the Earth, to how we are experiencing the sixth mass extinction of the planet.

  2. Elsewhere & Otherwise at Paf  ***QUEERING TIMES***

    Organizer and thinker within Valentina Desideri, Daniela Bershan, Andrea Rodrigo, Clara López, Sepideh Ardalani, Annick Kleizen, Siegmar Zacharias, Red Tremmel, Roni Katz, Deborah Birch and Thelma Bonavita

    Once a year we live together, this year we want to begin questioning the obvious, the given-for-granted, automated ways in which we come together and share. Especially we would like to pay attention and insist on the connection between the “what” and the “how”, between the content of our meeting and practices and their concrete conditions of possibility, emergence and maintenance.

    The proposal here is to create a space where each can follow one’s own rhythm and explore things alone and together and in different constellations. Participants this year are encouraged to feel, find and be in to their own rhythm rather than reproducing a “workday”. The central organ of a schedule will be dissolved, to create chaos, slowness and a queering of time together.

  3. Robota MML by Itziar Barrio


    Robota MML addresses in an interrelated manner such issues as robotics, labour production mechanisms, and the deconstruction of cinematic apparatus. Using bodies, technology and smoke, we will construct a narrative over the course of two weeks in Nave 11-Matadero-, articulated through a process of execution, collaboration and meetings with the agents involved.

  4. YABBA by María Jerez

    Collaborator & Performer

    Yabba is a cosmos with its own order, its own rhythm and its own systems in movement that invites you to enter a new logic. A hybrid of different technologies, an amalgam of entities in constant transformation in time, that produce other things in their own coexistence and in the encounter with those who observe them. Things that transpose images, concepts, ideas, emotions that occur precisely at that moment of encounter with the entities of that deformed and changing cosmos. A kind of world that is everything and nothing, is full and empty, that takes all forms but does not yet have any. Yabba is right there, changing. It paints its own colours, it changes its shapes, it unfolds its materiality… This state of constant transformation proposes an attentive look: a look that pays attention from the inability to name what it looks at.

  5. Salon Madrid TK 2019/ Meg Stuart


    The Tanzkongress 2019 Salons are a series of meetings taking place throughout 2018 and 2019 in advance of the gathering in Dresden, June 2019. Each salon is an artist meeting for 15-20 dance artists and arts professionals within a local scene to meet solely for the purpose of meeting. Lasting from one to four days, the salons involve various formats and proposals, such as structured conversations, artist walks through the host city, studio visits, and practice sharing. The events of each salon are documented and shared with a wider audience through this website’s online publication. Selected artists from each salon will attend the gathering in June 2019, bringing these disparate local discourses and dialogues into conversation with one another in Dresden. Tanzkongress salons so far are taking place in New York, Bogotá, Madrid, Helsinki and New Delhi.

  6. Fake Therapy by Valentina Desideri 

    Activator within Andrea Rodrigo in Una fuerza posible: hacia una poiética del vivir-juntas MNCARS

    Fake Therapy  and Political Therapy are practices initiated by Valentina Desideri, now used and developed by many.

    The deck of cards has been developed in the summer 2010 in K3-Hamburg during a collective artists residency of Sweet & Tender Collaborations. Every day a group of people would get together to make 20 min one-to-one sessions in which one person would try to ‘heal’ the other, without knowing how. Every time the roles were reversed and the last ten minutes were dedicated to describe in the most detailed manner what the “therapists” did. The indications on the card come from these descriptions.

    Anyone is invited to use, copy, change, print these cards or make a own set of cards. You can practice Fake Therapy, Political Therapy and/or invent new ones.

  7. A Ritual to Reverse The Spell of The Illusion of Power as Control by Valentina Desideri & Corazón del Sol into the exibithion Cale, Cale, Cale, Caale! curated by Juan Canela in Tabakalera Donostia

    Activator of the ritual  & creator of the piece within Andrea Rodrigo, Valentina Desideri & Corazón del Sol

    A small room with little light, a sort of access portal. Let's sit in a circle around the ashes left over from a ritual that’s already taken place, and which will take place again. During the last few days of June, Valentina Desideri and Corazón del Sol got together with a group of people to perform a ritual in which they used personal experiences and shared concerns to counteract a spell which affects our daily lives. A Ritual to Reverse The Spell of The Illusion of Power as Control (2017) gathers the remains of that moment and collects material for the next, which will take place at the end of January 2018 in a place yet to be decided. A cauldron filled with local magical plants and materials provided by visitors to the exhibition, and a series of conversations and specific shared movements, together reverse the spell of the illusion of power as control, as the title indicates.

  8. Nature FR by Mårten Spångberg

    Performer in Picnic Sesions CA2M

    Nature FR is what it is called but is not its name. Its name is Smokescreen, but the name it is called is Love scene and all of it is live, almost live, half life, undead, screaming dad and then we take a break, maybe. Homeopathic and it’s just so touching.


  9. ARQUÉ By Andrea Zavala 


    Arché is a word used in ancient philosophy to address the source, origin or root of things that exist. Aristotle foregrounded the meaning or arche as the element or principle of a thing, which, although indemonstrable and intangible at first, provides the conditions of the possibility of that thing.

    With this word and this work, we propose a dance that originates and originates. Time is taken as a dosis for learning and exchanging knowledge and Space offers a chance to example human things from which to imagine that knowledge. In this case knowledge can be pre-assumed and destroyed by imagination and things and humans are equal.

  10. Para La Réplica Infiel by Xavier Le Roy & Scarlet Yu in CA2M


    Nuria Enguita Mayo has invited Laurence Rassel to work with her on the exhibition “For the unfaithful Replica”. Together they have invited Xavier Le Roy to make a work for that exhibition. Xavier Le Roy has invited Scarlet Yu to collaborate. Together they invite other people in a work called "For the Unfaithful Replica.

  11. Cosas que nos gustaría ver sobre el escenario by Los Bárbaros


    Each time we went to see a play, we found ourselves drinking and chatting about the things we would have liked to see on the play, what things should happen on a stage, what did we miss. Things we would love to see onstage is a play about our love to theatre and to life. It’s our attempt to go through all our dreams, all our desires, knowing that we will fail, knowing that the moment we do it it will be dead, but nonetheless trying.