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  1. 2024

    November. (DON’T) LOOK ME IN THE EYES. Frascati Amsterdam.

    July. (DON’T) LOOK ME IN THE EYES. GREC Festival. Antic Teatre Barcelona.

    June. The Torch, the Key and The Snake. S_P_I_T_Festival Tanzquartier Viena.

    May. (DON’T) LOOK ME IN THE EYES. Premiere at SPRING Festival. Utrecht

    May.  (DON’T) LOOK ME IN THE EYES. Artistic residency ICK Amsterdam.

    March. Zona Grisa. Imaginary Ciphers. La Mutant. Valencia

    March. Opera Carmen. House of Løstbois at Muziekgebouw. Amsterdam

    February. Artistic Residency (DON’T) LOOK ME IN THE EYES. ICK Amsterdam

    January. Artistic Residency (DON’T) LOOK ME IN THE EYES. Espaço do Tempo. Montemor O Novo.


    Contribution to What Can Theatre Do? Publication. DAS Graduate School/ BRUNO

    Sorbito–the publication. Self-published. Imprenta SanDelfin. CAM Grant.

    December. (don't) look me in the eyes work in progress. The Artists Are Present. ICK X Frascati. Amsterdam.

    December. YABBA by Maria Jerez. Bozar. Brussels

    November. Feedback sessions for resident companies at Antic Teatre

    November. (don't) look me in the eyes work in progress. ITF. Felix Meritis. Amsterdam.

    October. Raaaw x JA JA JA NEE NEE NEE. Amsterdam

    October. Sorbito x YesSi Perse. Cybermedieval. Can Felipa. Barcelona

    September. (don't) look me in the eyes work in progress. Plein Theatre. Move on!

    September. nx3 puntas afiladas. Ángel peligrosamente búho [duelos, espectros y materialidad] curated by Nuria Gomez Gabriel. La Capella BCN

    May. Advisor ICK NEXT company solos.

    May. [don't] look me in the eyes. New Adventures residency ICK

    April. Sorbito at Epifita. MNCARS

    April. The Torch, The Key, and The Snake at Bâtard Festival Brussels

    March. Collaboration in the project It's going to Get Dark by Samara Hersch

    February. The Torch, the Key, and the Snake at Frascati Amsterdam.

    January. COME TOGETHER. The Greenery. Frascati Amsterdam


    DAS Theatre MA. AHK. Amsterdam. Graduated.

    November. Grant recipient. Ayudas a la Creación de Ates Visuales de la Comunidad de Madrid for making a publication of the project Sorbito.

    October. Movement lab. ICK Amsterdam

    October. Performance Technology Lab #11. Dansbrabant. Tilburg

    September. AFK 3Package Deal talent prize by the dance coalition: Frascati, ICK, SNDO y Bijlmerparktheater. Amsterdam

    September. Pod host at Oceanic Solidarities organized by Laura Cull at DAS Graduate School. Amsterdam

    July. Sorbito at Nyamnyam. Festival Si No Vols Pols. Mieres.

    June. Launch of Saliva-el estudio at Gessneralle Zurich

    April. The Torch, The Key and The Snake at Das Theatre Amsterdam

    March. Sorbito at Me Gustas Pixelad_ 2022

    January. Performer for Sisters of the Wind by Jujulove. Meandro. Nadie Nunca Nada No.


    DAS Theatre MA. AHK. Amsterdam Second year participant.

    Saliva–el estudio. INJUVE Grant 2021.

    December. Winter presentations DAS Theatre. The Torch, The Key and The Snake.

    November. Collaboration with Carolina Bianchi for Cadela Força at Proximamente Festival. KVK. Brussels.

    November. Residency at Espai nyamnyam wit DAS.

    October. Collaborator in the project Murmur by Reza Mirabi, Fernanda Libman and Marko Ivik at ICK Amsterdam

    August. Silent Waves with Flavia Pinhero, Paula Montecinos, Tom Oliver Jakobson, Ignacio de Antonio. Funded by Balkonscènes.

    August. Collaborator of Alexa Mardon. Das Choreography.                                        

    August. Ephemeral Archives performer. Work by Eli Steffenes. Balkonscènes Fund, Amsterdam. TolHuis Amsterdam.

    June. Walks of Art. Funded by Balkonscenes Fund, Amsterdam.

    June. How to Be Together. Santarcangelo Festival. Italy.

    June. Ephemeral Archives performer. Work by Eli Steffenes. Balkonscènes Fund, Amsterdam

    May. INÉDITOS Exhibition: Una Superficie Inestable curated by Ignacio de Antonio Antón and Julián Pacomio. Twins Experiment’s archive. La Casa Encendida, Madrid

    March. DUST. Conference: Stealing the futures. GESSNERALLEE Zurich. We Are Here season curated by Pankaj Tiwari.                                                                      

    February. ARAR. La Caldera Barcelona. ¿Cómo se hace una performance? RELOADED by Twins Experiment. 25 years of La Caldera. Barcelona

    February. My Documents by Lola Arias. DAS Theatre                                                

    January. Selected to review the Routledge Companion to Performance Philosophy within Venuri Perera.


    DAS Theatre MA. AHK. Amsterdam

    December. Artistic resident in Teatro Pradillo, Madrid.                                          

    December. DUST x Shedhalle: Public talk with Bojana Kunst.

    November. Conversación: Habitación o Morada by Twins Experiment in Lo que ya se Intuye Festival. CA2M Madrid.

    September. Conspiracies to come with Adriano Wilfert and Andrea Rodrigo. Research project to organize an encounter for the production and exchange of knowledge in dance. With the support of Opstart Nordisk Kulturfond 2020. Linked with My Wild Flag Festival. MDT Stockholm.

    Artistic resident in Teatro Pradillo/ Azala/ L’animal a l’esquena- Hipotenusas programme-

    January. A (Mis) reader’s Guide to Listening. Myriam Lefkowitz, Valentina Desideri and Lendl Barcelos.CentroCentro.    

    January/ March. Brillante. Piece by Silvia Zayas &Nilo Gallego aka Orquestina de Pigmeos. Reina Sofia Museum.  

    January. Fuego. Dance piece by Ainhoa Hernández & Ignacio de Antonio Antón for the exhibition Una imagen que no duela ni cueste mirar. Sala de Arte Joven. 

    January. Aún Seguimos Bailando. Workshop and project by Ignacio de Antonio Antón.  La Casa Encendida

    January. El Club by Twins Experiment Collaboration with Caja Negra Editora.  La Praga.


    Philosophy Degree

    October . Post-dance-ing. MDT Stockholm.

    December. In Many Hands. Kate Mackintosh. Cuerpa Festival. La Casa Encendida.
    September-December. Performer in A (Mis) reader’s Guide to Listening by Myriam Lefkowitz, Valentina Desideri & Lendl Barcelos; CentroCentro, Mad. 

    September. Performer in The Sky Was Clearer Those Days. Rosa Casado & Mike Brookes. Matadero, Madrid 

    September. Fuego. CASA ANTILLÓN X CASABANCHEL. Madrid.

    July. ELSEWHERE & OTHERWISE ***QUEERING TIMES*** at P-af. co- curator and organizer of the encounter.

    August. Artistic Residency Watch&Talk. farº festival des arts vivant. Nyon.

    April. Actress in ROBOTA MML. Itziar Barrio. Matadero, Madrid

    Dancer and collaborator in YABBA by María Jerez. CA2M Querer Parecer Noche/ Tanzquartier Wien

    June. everlasting sotness by Twins Experiment. De Corpos Presentes. Espazo Normal, A Coruña

    January. Saliva. Curatorial project in collaboration with Andrea Rodrigo. CentroCentro. 


    October/December Saliva at CentroCentro Madrid.

    November. Tanzkongress Madrid with Meg Stuart 

    September.everlasting softness by Twins Experiment. CCE Montevideo. 

    Artist in residency in CA2M and La Casa Encendida

    Artistic resident in Canal Dance Centre

    June. Plataforma. Centro de Danza Canal y Teatros del Canal. Madrid 

    EL CLUB reading and dance group. Canal Dance Center.

    YABBA BY María Jerez. Szene Salzburg

    Bastante Algo, Other Furniture. Madrid City Council Grant

    April. Performer at Pelucas en la niebla [wigs in the mist] by Cris Blanco.

    Participation in the collective translation of the 5th chapter of Spangbergianismo.


    PAF. Elsewhere & Otherwise/ The sensing saloon/ Winter Update Meeting within the project Saliva.

    Twins Experiment:


    Presented in:

    La Casa Encendida (Madrid) Unalmes. March 2017

    CONVERSATION: ROOM OR DWELLING supported by INJUVE. Choreographic grant of the community of Madrid/ PICE AC/E/ Canal Centre of Dance

    Presented in:

    Living Room Festival. Curated by: Juan Domínguez, María Jerez, Cuqui Jerez and Luis Úrculo. January

    Bodies, Disorders and Democracy. Seminar organized by ARTEA. Matadero de Madrid. March

    Dance day. Canal Theatre – Centre of Dance Canal. April

    Spring Movement. Center for Performance Research. New York. April

    CCE Montevideo. Uruguay. August

    Bullshit Mex. Museo del Chopo. Mexico D.F. August

    Archeologies of the Future Festival. Buenos Aires, Argentina. August

    InTacto Festival. November

    Nature FR. Mårten Spångberg. Picnic session. CA2M. MayYABBA. María Jerez. Veranos de la Villa. July

    Erosión. Luis Alberto Zamorano. Bullshit Mex. Museo del Chopo. México. August

    A Ritual to Reverse The Spell of The Illusion of Power as Control by Valentina Desideri y Corazón del Sol. November

    Grant for young artist and curators of the Community of Madrid to develop the project Saliva in a residency period in PAF. June, July, December


    Master In Performing Arts Practices and Visual Culture with teachers as: Victoria Pérez Rollo, Isabel de Naverán, Jose Antonio Sánchez, Idoia Zabaleta, Los Torreznos, Rosa Casado, Emilio Tomé, Carlos Malqueríe, Óscar Cornago, Esperanza Collado, Chus Domínguez among others, and invited Artists as : Joao Fiadeiro, André Carreira, La Ribot, Juan Dominguez . ARTEA/MNCARS/ UCLM

    Twins Experiment:

    HOW A PERFORMANCE IS MADE? supported by La Caldera Les Corts

    presented in:
    Antic Teatre, Barcelona. February

    Zeitraumexit. What works Festival, Mannheim, Alemania. July

    ARQUÉ. Concept: Andrea Zavala. Teatro Pradillo. March

    The Unfaithful Replica. Xavier Le Roy. CA2M. July

    RUDY. Proposed and directed by: Ellen Söderhult. PAF. August

    Bordeando lo imposible by Florencia Martinelli. Bullshit Fest. Teatro Pradillo

    Reenactment of these associations by Thino Shegal. Play Dramaturgia. Nave de Motores.

    Collaboration in the project Dirty Room by Juan Domínguez

    Journalist for Teatrón. El Lugar Sin Límites Festival


    SNDO. Intensive Course: Ria Higler, Ibrahim Quraishi, Fernando Belfiore, Bruno Listopad, Katie Duck, Konstantina Georgelou y Aitana Cordero.Theater School of Amsterdam.

    PAF. Summer University. Indigo Dance. They Come at Dawn. Curated by Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Emma Daniel, Linda Blomqvist./ MEADOW (it’s all writing) Curated by: Mette Edvardsen, Alexandra Napier, Mårten Spångberg

    LOS 122, 202 0 222 BESOS in MADRID (video) by Aitana Cordero, Madrid

    Collaboration in INDIGO DANCE MAGAZINE. They Come At Dawn. PAF