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  1. SALIVA 

    Is a curatorial project developed by Ainhoa Hernández Escudero & Andrea Rodrigo Rivero. Together we think about devices of complicity and other ways of creating meaning and sensibilities. Since 2016 we’ve been involved in a long-term research which has the purpose of being materialised in a range of formats. It emerges from a desire to articulate a series of shared concerns and positions from the perspective of complicity –understood as a form of radical sociability that makes us accompany each other by making us unsafe – and an interest in finding practices and structures that allow for the production and support of other kinds of knowledge, forms of coexisting and working together, taking into account the sensible.

    One of the articulations of the project was a program of public activities, that also involved a study group, a radio station and an installation that took place in CentroCentro Madrid – October 2018-January 2019 –.


    Activity programme