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  1. Blooming-florescencia is a long term artistic research project that addresses other ways of producing knowledge, and sensibilities which mobilize other modes of sense making, other cosmologies.To retrieve or imagine other forms of telling, narrating, of explaining the world are necessary. There are other forms that already exist but have been discarded, or that we’ve decided to neglect.

    One of the main questions that Blooming-florescencia sustains and tries to deal with is: Can we put aside our need to rationally comprehend everything that surrounds us and facilitate the labour of our imagination and senses?

    It is a large project that takes the structure of the seasons as a model for developing various choreographic proposals. The seasonal divisions are entangled here with the different thematic axes of the research, and the chapters of each season will be developed in collaboration with different people. 


    The first season embraces the eerie, or the mysterious, as a paradigm for imagining possibilities that don’t take reason as central, and the weird, understood as the fascination produced by what lies beyond standard perception, cognition and experience, and its ability to produce realities.


    The second season investigates Alchemy as pre-scientific knowledge and philosophical discipline, focusing on that part of the definition which emphasizes the practice of joining together various things that produce a new one, and specifically one of its branches: herbology.

    I understand this project in a cross-sectional way: as a choreographic and curatorial practice, in the sense of organizing elements in time and space, and in the sense of summoning these elements and generating the conditions for things to happen. My wish is to be able to present each piece together, in a space where all the chapters take place one after another or even simultaneously.

    The first season has the support of L’Estruch Fábrica de Creación, Teatro Pradillo, L’Animal a l’esquena and Azala.