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  1. BIO

    Choreographer and curator based in Amsterdam. Second year participant at DAS Theatre MA. 

    She is currently working in The Torch, the Key and the Snake, the first chapter of the choreographic science fiction series called: Blooming-The Saga and in Sorbito: a project around the performativity of herbs.

    She is member of the choreographic collective Twins Experiment, along with Laura Ramírez, where they develop work that has a lot to do with friendship, life and affections, and which materializes in three scenic pieces, two laboratories. and a reading club. She thinks and acts Saliva, a long-term curatorial research project, with Andrea Rodrigo. She develops, together with Ignacio de Antonio, Bastante Algo, Other Furniture, a project for the manufacture of furniture and objects that takes place at the intersection of design and choreography. She is member of DUST, a fugitive institute based in Amsterdam that is interested in the question on how to steal the future that belong to us.

    She has shown works in contexts such as: Gessnerallee Zurich, Center for the Performance Research NY, Tanzquartier WIEN, Archeologies of the Future ARG, Museo del Chopo MEX Zeitraumexit DE, DOCH SE, INTacto VIT, La Poderosa BCN, Antic Teatre BCN, La Caldera BCN, La Casa Encendida MAD, Naves de Matadero Madrid MAD, CA2M, MAD, Conde Duque MAD, PAF FR. 

    She has worked with: Valentina Desideri, Corazon del Sol, Juan Canela, Mårten Spångberg, Xavier Le Roy, María Jerez, Meg Stuart, Luis Alberto Zamorano, Florencia Martinelli, Andrea Zavala, Rosa Casado & Mike Brookes, Eli Steffens, Reza Mirabi, Alexa Mardon, among others. 

    She has received the support of: Balkonscenes podiumkunsten, CA2M, La Casa Encendida, Injuve, Grant for Young Artists and curators of the Community of Madrid, Grant to the creation of the Madrid City Council, AC/E PICE,Grant for the choreographic creation of the Community of Madrid, Canal Dance Center, CentroCentro.