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    Is a project by Ainhoa Hernández Escudero and Ignacio de Antonio Antón developed in the intersection between choreography and design.

    It is an artistic research project on furniture and domestic objects. It proposes to investigate: the relationships that exist between people and things and the characterization of nest spaces as intimate, public, common, and social through the use of furniture and the ways of life that these produce; the conditions of furniture and objects as autonomous entities, with memory, agency, materiality; production modes – conceptualization, design, prototyping and manufacturing; and the intersection between art and design in everyday life – problematizing the binomials of form-function, design-production in series.

    We understand that the subject has its own agency. Throughout history, the category of material has been codified as feminine and as a subaltern, so acting and being an accomplice of the material means reexamining social relations of power. In the manufacturing of objects for human use, matter is related to the human being through technique and technology. Somehow, we understand that the objects we produce contain the properties and memory of both their materials and substances and the techniques and technologies applied.

    Through the manufacture of a series of furniture, objects, prototypes we propose to elaborate a series of questions that address the complexity of the relationships between objects, spaces and people.

    We also implement research methodologies of choreography – practice-based research – in the design and manufacturing process, looking at this interdisciplinarity new way of doing which opens  perspectives in the design of objects. Bastante Algo is a transdisciplinary experimental design project that proposes rethinking furniture and the domestic choreographies in the contemporary world.

    We are therefore interested in generating our own methodology which links some of the premises of choreographic creation, such as in approaching the practice as an experimental workshop where thinking is done, and going through thought through action itself as well as in the procedures of the manufacturing of things – the materialization of ideas in concrete objects.

    With this project we try to approach other ways of thinking and producing the objects with which we relate continuously, and therefore rethink and move the modes of life and action that become of these objects.

    This project received a Madrid City Council Grant for Contemporary Creation 2017/18 – Ayudas a la Creación Contemporánea del Ayuntamiento de Madrid 2017/18.

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    Photographs by: Galerna foto

  2. Supported by Ayudas a la Creación Contemporánea del Ayuntamiento de Madrid 2017/2018