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  1. I was born in Carabanchel, Madrid in 1989.
    I am a choreographer and researcher. 

    In 2016 I finished the MA in Performing Practice and Visual Culture  by Artea/ MNCARS and I will be complete a BA in Philosophy soon.

    My practice unfolds into different formats in relation to the people with whom I work.
    My work focuses on the search for tools to make sense and to compose spaces that allow other ways of doing and relating.

    I am a member of the two person choreographic collective Twins Experiment, along with Laura Ramírez, where we develop work that has a lot to do with friendship, life and affections, and which materializes in three scenic pieces, two laboratories. and a reading club.

    I think and act Saliva, a long-term curatorial research project, with Andrea Rodrigo. Together we think about devices of complicity and other ways of creating meaning and sensibilities.

    I develop, together with Ignacio de Antonio, a project for the manufacture of furniture and objects that takes place at the intersection of two disciplines: design and choreography.
    I have a solo piece called: looking for narratives.

    I'm starting a choreographic series called: Blooming-florescencia. The first chapter is around the concept of mystery as a paradigm to imagine possibilities that do not take reason as central.

    I have shown works in contexts such as: Center for the Performance Research NY, Tanzquartier WIEN, Archeologies of the Future ARG, Museo del Chopo MEX Zeitraumexit DE, DOCH SE, INTacto VIT, La Poderosa BCN, Antic Teatre BCN, La Caldera BCN, La Casa Encendida MAD, Naves de Matadero Madrid MAD, CA2M, MAD, Conde Duque MAD, PAF FR.

    I have worked with: Valentina Desideri, Corazon del Sol, Juan Canela, Mårten Spångberg, Xavier Le Roy, María Jerez,  Meg Stuart, Luis Alberto Zamorano, Florencia Martinelli, Andrea Zabala, Rosa Casado & Mike Brookes, among others.

    I have received the support of: CA2M, La Casa Encendida, Injuve, Grant for Young Artists and curators of the Community of Madrid, Grant to the creation of the Madrid City Council, AC/E PICE,Grant for the choreographic creation of the Community of Madrid, Canal Dance Center, CentroCentro.

    I am involved in contexts such as PAF (Performing Arts Forum), a space to work on the development of methods, tools and procedures, a place to experiment with other modes of production and work organization.